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I'm Interested In Hebrew, But Not Aramaic!

You may be extremely pro-Hebrew, and love Hebrew as the Holy Language, the language of Israel, and the language of the Hebrew Bible, and you may therefore be very interested in the Hebrew-related Courses that we provide on this website - but you are not interested in Aramaic.

If that is the case for you, we would urge you to watch the video below, where we explain why almost everyone who is interested in Hebrew eventually becomes interested in Aramaic too - for exactly the same reasons that they became interested in Hebrew!

Although Hebrew is the Holy Language, Aramaic too is Judaism's second Holy Language. Aramaic (Biblical Aramaic) forms part of the Hebrew Bible (the Old Testament) in large parts of the prophet Daniel, Ezra, a verse in Jeremiah, in Genesis, and many other words and phrases scattered across the Hebrew Bible.

The New Testament has been preserved in Aramaic (the Peshitta) as well as Greek, in addition to the Aramaic Old Testament which the early Christians adopted (especially in the East), while Jews adopted the Targums. Aramaic can enhance your understanding of the cultural background of the Bible, it binds the Old and New Testaments together in a wonderful way, and it helps to clarify the meanings of many Hebrew words and phrases. Aramaic also forms an inherent part of Judaism in the many prayers and other elements that have formed part of Jewish worship down through the centuries.

If you are interested in Hebrew, therefore, you should also be interested in Aramaic - and for exactly the same reasons. Choosing one without the other is like being forced to choose between a heart or a lung! Why not learn both Hebrew and Aramaic - and kill two birds with the one stone?

Watch the Video!

The Bottom Line

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