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I Would Love To Learn, But Life Gets In The Way!

While you may LOVE the idea of being able to read and understand the Holy Scriptures in the original languages, you may also think that you have too many commitments and other complications in your life to be able to find the time to learn Biblical Hebrew and/or Biblical Aramaic effectively.

However, the Lessons and Courses on this website very deliberately break the whole learning process down into bite-sized chunks. The entire approach has been designed to allow you to fit your studies in around small pockets of time that you may have available during the day. Even if that is only 5 or 10 minutes, or maybe slots of 15 minutes a few times throughout the day, that time can produce amazing results. In fact, it was exactly by being able to utilise time effectively in this way that I not only learned Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek - but this was also the approach that I used to create this website!

This video shows that if you look at your life now, and just manage to re-prioritize it slightly, and create small amounts of regular time by maybe dropping things that do not serve you, and which do not help you to fulfil your dreams and goals in life, then you will have all the time you need to learn God's Word in the original languages. Now isn't that a dream worth pursuing?

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The Bottom Line

Life is too short for excuses! If you really want to learn Hebrew and/or Aramaic, just get started already! Make your dream a reality! This website is different to every other method you may have tried in the past. All our Lessons and our Hebrew/Aramaic Courses are available to Subscribers. Once you Subscribe, you can just start any Course, and proceed at your own pace.

Private Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching is also available for those who want accelerated learning results, or who have specific needs.