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I'm Not Good at Languages!

You may have found it difficult to learn languages in the past. Perhaps you struggled to learn modern French, Spanish or German at school, or you didn't enjoy learning those languages, and you therefore assume that learning Hebrew and/or Aramaic will be much the same.

Nothing could be further from the truth - and in fact, you have already mastered one language (English!) without any difficulty. If you apply the same natural approaches that you used to learn English, as we do on this website, then you will find learning Biblical Hebrew or Biblical Aramaic fun - and not nearly as difficult as you might think!

In this video, we explain why this is the case. You have probably been exposed to methods of learning a language in the past which, quite honestly, don't work - and certainly don't work well for most adults. Try our approaches instead!

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The Bottom Line

Life is too short for excuses! If you really want to learn Hebrew and/or Aramaic, just get started already! Make your dream a reality! This website is different to every other method you may have tried in the past. All our Lessons and our Hebrew/Aramaic Courses are available to Subscribers. Once you Subscribe, you can just start any Course, and proceed at your own pace.

Private Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching is also available for those who want accelerated learning results, or who have specific needs.